Top 10 features of 2007

What was hot in features this year? Check out the 10 most popular articles for 2007.

What was hot in features this year? Check out the 10 most popular Insight articles for 2007.

1. 10 tips to being a better IT manager It's easy for IT managers to get bogged down in day-to-day activities and lose sight of the bigger picture of leading their staff. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or new to the game, the following tips will help you effectively manage your team.

2. Top 10 worst IT disasters of all time From faulty satellites nearly causing World War III to the Millennium Bug, poorly executed IT has had a lot to answer for over the years.

3. Tips to boost Vista performance Vista can be a performance hog, but there are many ways you can tweak the OS components to speed it up. See what actions you can take to remove bottlenecks and optimise Vista.

4. Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95 Will Apple's iPhone reshape the mobile phone market? Are there better devices actually available already? We put the iPhone head-to-head with its competition to see how it stacks up.

5. 10 reasons to buy an iPod Touch over an iPhone For those keen to get their hands on Apple's newest must-have toy, but without ditching their existing phone, the iPod Touch is looking like a better proposition than an iPhone. Here's why.

6. Adding PowerToys-like programs to Windows Vista Working with various versions of the Windows operating system over the years, I've always enjoyed discovering and using programs or utilities designed to provide the user with handy additional features.

7. Top 10 reasons not to buy an iPhone Since its release, the iPhone has had more than its share of press. Love it or hate it, everyone's been talking about it and looking at its sleek, colourful interface, it's hard not to fall in love with it. But like most decisions based on emotion, buying one may not be the smartest thing to do -- at least, not yet.

8. Meet Google's culture czar Search giant's HR director talks about what it means to be "Google-y" and the perks designed to keep Googlers happy.

9. Around the world in ... Fibre-to-the-home If homes are to enjoy the same high speed connectivity as offices then fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) will soon become necessary. Unlike copper wire -- the traditional connectivity backhaul -- fibre can exponentially increase the bandwidth delivered directly to consumers with only minor equipment upgrades.

10. Windows Vista: 10 top tricks and tips ZDNet Australia has filmed 10 tips and tricks to try and help you get familiar with some of Windows Vista's new features.