Top 10 'under the hood' Google Chrome tweaks

There's a lot you can do to tweak the Google Chrome browser, as long as you know how to lift the hood and what to tweak. Here is a selection of my favorite 'under the hood' tweaks that leverage the Chrome Flags feature.

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The tradition 'settings' page in Google Chrome only gives you a fraction of the tweaking options that are available to the brave. But since these settings are experimental, Google has hidden them away under a feature called Chrome Flags.

To access the Chrome Flags page, type this into the address bar and hit ENTER:


In the interests of you being aware of what you are getting into, I will repeat the warning that Google posts on this page below:

WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser.

With that out of the way, here are my top 10 settings!

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1: Disable incognito mode detection

Find Filesystem API in Incognito and change the setting to Enabled.

2: Stop websites fiddling with your history

Ever visited a website, realized it's not the site you are looking for and decide to back out of it only to have the page reload when you hit the back button? A lot of sites do this to keep you locked in. But you can stop this by finding New history entries require a user gesture and change the setting to Enabled.

3: Control autoplay

Hate things that autoplay? Who doesn't! 

Control this by finding Autoplay policy and set to Document user activation is required.

4: Speed up downloads

Make the most of your downloads by activating parallel downloads. 

Head over to Parallel downloading and change the setting to Enabled.

5: Tab hover cards

Replace the tooltips that pop up over tabs with hover cards. 

To do this find Tab Hover Cards and change the setting to Enabled.

6: How many incognito windows do you have open?

If you make a lot of use of incognito mode, here's a really handy feature that allows you to keep track of how many incognito windows you have open (the number is shown in a panel next to the address bar). Find Incognito Window Counter and set to Enabled.

7: Prevent redirection spam

Ever clicked on a link and seen several pages spawned open? Yeah, it's annoying. 

Head over to Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture and set to Enabled to prevent this happening.

8: Enable password importing

Google Chrome offers the ability to export passwords out of the box, but if you want to being passwords into the browser, you have to enable the setting. 

Go to Password import and switch to Enabled.

9: Show search query in address bar

If you'd rather see the search query in the address bar as opposed to the URL, head over to Query in Omnibox and set to Enabled.

10: Saving PDF form data

If you fill a lot of PDF forms then having the ability to safe the forms with the data from within Google Chrome will be a timesaver. Find Save PDF Forms and set this to Enabled.

Have a favorite Google Chrome tip? Share if below!