Top 10 U.S. cities for online job advertising

The Conference Board reports record level of online help-wanted ads in January.
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The Conference Board, which tracks help-wanted advertising rates, reports online advertised vacancies rose 106,900 in January to 5,044,700 -- the highest level recorded in the eight years the survey has been conducted.

The Board reports that the supply/demand rate stands at 2.5 unemployed for every vacancy. In December, there were 7.3 million more unemployed than the number of advertised vacancies, down from 11.8 million at the end of the recession in June 2009. “January was a mixed bag for labor demand,” said June Shelp, vice president at The Conference Board, “with gains in some States offsetting losses in others.”

New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC are the top metro areas in terms of volume of online advertising. New York and Los Angeles saw the most gains. Below are the top 10 areas, as found by The Conference Board:

Top U.S. Metro Areas for Online Help-Wanted Advertising:

Metro area Total ads (1,000s)
Month-to-month change (1,000s)

New York, NY
302.4 7.5
Los Angeles, CA 187.9 -2.0
Washington, DC 168.2 -5.9
Chicago, IL 159.1 7.3
San Francisco, CA
126.6 -1.9
Dallas, TX 120.2 -1.0
Boston, MA 118.4 1.1
Atlanta, GA 98.1 2.5
Philadelphia, PA 96.9 -1.3
Houston, TX 96.0 0.5
(Source: The Conference Board.)

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