Top 10 Viruses: Macro down but still major threat

Macro viruses will continue to dog the UK IT industry this year despite a reduction in the number seen during February.

According to a report from anti-virus software developer Dr.Solomons, Macro viruses account for just three of the most reported viruses seen in February, but this is expected to be a short term blip in the figures.

"Macro viruses are still the most commonly encountered type of virus," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Dr Solomon's Software. "They spread via infected documents and spreadsheets."

The top Macro viruses are WM/Cap (first), WM/Concept (fourth) and XM/Laroux (equal ninth).

The other viruses in the top ten are boot sector viruses and are as follows:

AntiEXE (second), Parity.b (third), Form (fifth), Dodgy (sixth), Ripper (seventh), Empire Monkey (eighth), NYB (equal ninth), Sampo (equal ninth), AntiCMOS (tenth).