Top 5 apps from iPhone Dev Camp 2

5.) Fwerps - This app is not the most complicated, but it looks like the most fun.

5.) Fwerps - This app is not the most complicated, but it looks like the most fun. It reminded me of a Tamagotchi.

You start out with a randomly-colored little buddy on your iPhone. If you pet him, he makes a purring noise. If you shake him a lot, he gets mad. The only way to fix him is to sway him back and forth like a baby. (Video above)

4.) PushUp - My buddy Miguel did a demo of this one. Using a simple tap of the nose, you can accurately count the number of pushups you do right on your iPhone.

The developers of PushUp thought this would be a great app for people trying to keep track of their progress in the 100 Pushup Challenge.

3.) Taxi - This app is great because it only requires two taps to find the nearest cab company. When you launch the application, it finds your location and lists all of the cab companies near you. One more tap initiates the phone call.

iPhone demo

At the bottom of the screen, it tells you the cross streets so you can relay that information to the dispatcher.

2.) iRa - Phone geeks watched in awe as Alex Bratton from Lextech Labs controlled 12 security cameras in Illinois with an iPhone in San Francisco. You can zoom in and zoom out with regular iPhone gestures. Here is a video demo.

iPhone demo

1.) Quicktate - Transcribes your voicemails into text. Besides being an awesome service, this app is my favorite because the developers who work at Quicktate used their API to build this app in just two days. That is what iPhone Dev Camp is all about.

iPhone demo

This group also demoed another app that allows you to record a conversation and have the transcript sent to you via email.

All of the apps are listed on my live blog from yesterday.


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