Top Android news of the week: $50 tablet, Android Auto, BlackBerry Priv

This week in Android Google had a birthday, Chevy to crank up Android Auto, and get a six-pack of tablets.

Android Auto coming to a Chevy near you in March

Those anxious to get hands on with Android Auto will have a better chance next March. The first cars from Chevy with Android Auto will start rolling out of the factory at that time.

Several models will be available with the Android car system, including the Corvette.

Source: Chevrolet

Google store celebrates 7th birthday

Google is celebrating the seventh anniversary of its store this week. The Play Store, as it is now called, opened seven years ago with the announcement of the first Android phone, the G1 on T-Mobile.

To celebrate, Google has posted some wallpapers on the announcement page below.

Source: Google

Amazon unveils a $50 tablet

The folks at Amazon have set the bar really low with the new Fire for $49.99. The Fire is a 7-inch tablet which is much like previous tablets from the retailer except for the low price.

The Fire is priced so low that Amazon is offering a six-pack of them for $250.

Source: Amazon

First BlackBerry Android phone outed as the Priv


It's been common knowledge for a while that BlackBerry would release a phone running Android, and now we know its name. The Priv, which apparently refers to the company's stance on privacy, is a touch screen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

It's not known when the Priv will be available.

Source: Neowin