Top Android news of the week: Android devices fail more, Sony comeback, Remix OS beta

This week in Android we heard that Android devices fail far more than the competition's, we saw the LG Stylus 2, and Sony told us it was bringing its phones back to the US.


Jide Remix OS coming in beta for laptops and desktops

Remix OS, which originally came installed on the Ultra Remix Tablet from Jide, will be available for download on March 1 from the company's web site. It is a variant of Android designed for big systems and works much like Windows 7.

Source: ZDNet


Sony Xperia X phones coming to US

Sony has vowed to return to the US in a big way and will bring its Xperia X phones back this year. Sony cited problems with working with carriers as the primary reason for pulling back from the large US market, and the company plans to go after consumers using its technical expertise in video streaming and similar functions.

Source: CNET

Vast majority of mobile device failures are on Android

A recent study analyzing mobile device failures found that a whopping 85 percent of them are devices running Android. Samsung phones are the worst of the lot, with 27 percent of those failures occurring on its devices.

Source: AppleInsider


LG Stylus 2 unveiled with giant screen

LG has given a first look at its upcoming Stylus 2 phone, and it's a big one. Featuring a 5.7-inch display the Stylus 2 also has a 13MP camera and a stylus as the name indicates. All of this phone hardware has a big battery to keep it all running.

Source: TechnoBuffalo