Top Android news of the week: Commodore, Android Wear talks, visual voicemail

This week in Android was news of Android Wear devices talking to each other, ZTE looking at number three spot, and that the Commodore brand lives.

Android Wear to let watches talk to each other

A rumor has popped up that the next version of Android Wear will enable communications between Android watches. This is like the Apple Watch's ability to send little hand drawn messages to other watch owners.

A number of other expected features are detailed in the source article.

Source: ZDNet

ZTE wants number 3 spot in US, sells 26 million in first half

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE has been pushing hard to grow in the US and was successful in the first half of 2015. The company had impressive growth of 41 percent over the period, largely coming from high-end phones.

The growth is responsible for shipping 26 million handsets in the first half. ZTE plans to sell 60 million smartphones for the year and also intends to take the number three spot in the US smartphone market by 2017.

Source: Android Authority

Commodore brand lives, PET phone unveiled

The decades-old Commodore brand has surfaced this week with the unveiling of the Commodore PET Android phone. The $300 phone has no standout features and will appear in Europe and possibly later in the US.

The PET will come with two software emulators for Commodore C-64 and Amiga software.

Source: ZDNet

Android M to have visual voicemail in the dialer

Finally catching up with the iPhone, the next version of Android will have visual voicemail integrated into the dialer. Currently Android phone owners must use a separate app from the carrier, so integration is a good thing.

Unfortunately, it will require the carriers to support it so we'll see if they are willing to do that.

Source: Android Police