Top Android news of the week: Galaxy S5 no sale, themes, Nexus 9 keyboard

Android news this week: Samsung isn't moving enough Galaxy S5 phones, a new theme store for modders, and the keyboard folio for the Nexus 9 appears.


Samsung sold 40 percent fewer S5 phones than predicted

The Korean company must be scrambling to figure out why it has sold 40 percent fewer Galaxy S5 smartphones than expected. The S5 is a high-end phone in Samsung's Android phone line, and given the splash made at launch the company was expecting to sell a lot of them.

Samsung has not been doing as well financially as in the past and this may be one reason why.

Source: The Verge

Cyanogenmod logo

CyanogenMod plans new theme store

Android device owners who like to bypass official releases are very familiar with CyanogenMod. This custom ROM modification has become the de facto standard for such modifications. While not sanctioned by Google, the company tends to look the other way when it comes to CyanogenMod.

This week the modders teased a new store it's building to make custom themes more readily available for its version of Android. This is intended to go hand-in-hand with a theme engine coming for CyanogenMod that will allow every aspect of the interface to be customized.

Source: Android and Me

Nexus 9 keyboard folio

Nexus 9 keyboard folio hits the Play Store

When Google announced the Nexus 9 tablet it showed a portfolio for it that had a physical keyboard. This folio appeared to be similar to many available for the iPad. When the Nexus 9 started shipping, buyers were not able to pick up the folio as it wasn't available for purchase.

That has changed with the appearance on the Play Store of the Google Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio case. The black case is $129 and is shipping in one to two days of placing an order.

Source: Android Community

Dropbox logo

Dropbox adds Microsoft Office support on Android, iOS

Microsoft recently added support for Dropbox in its apps and the cloud service has reciprocated with the addition of Office support within the Android and iOS Dropbox apps. Users can open and edit Office documents within the Dropbox apps.

Tapping the Edit button in Dropbox will open the appropriate Office app for working with the selected document. When done with editing the user is dropped back into the Dropbox app.

Source: WinSuperSite