Top Android news of the week: HTC's woes, official Office, free Intel app

Android news this week included reports of HTC's continued problems, a calculator running Android, and a free app from Intel for controlling a PC.

Intel unleashes free PC remote control app

Those who'd like to control a Windows 7 and up PC remotely will want to check out the free app from Intel. It turns an Android device into a wireless PC keyboard with trackpad for a paired Windows PC.

The Intel Remote Keyboard app is in the Google Play Store.

Source: PC World

HTC One M9 shipments almost 50 percent lower than M8 in first 3 months

HTC's troubles continue as latest numbers about shipments of its new flagship phone indicate. The company shipped a whopping 43.75 percent fewer HTC One M9 handsets than it did M8 phones in its first three months.

The company didn't do itself any favors by releasing a bigger, better version of the M9 shortly after its launch.

Source: Android Spin

Android installed on a TI graphing calculator

In the "because we can" category, Android has been shoe-horned into a TI Nspire CX calculator. It's an early version of Android, Donut, but the guy behind it got it into the calculator and it runs.

Josh Max got Android installed on the TI despite the paltry specs: 320x240 3.5" color screen, 100MB of storage, and 64MB of RAM.

Source: Android Police

Microsoft Office for Android now official

Previously a preview release, albeit a very good one, Microsoft has generally released Office for Android. The apps can be used on Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft Office for Android is on the Google Play Store.

Source: ZDNet