Top Android news of the week: Microsoft launcher, Samsung profits, new malware threat

This week in Android came word of yet another serious malware threat, news of Samsung's financial woes, and Microsoft released an Android launcher.

Microsoft releases Arrow, an Android launcher

The folks in Redmond are getting all over the mobile space, and have produced a launcher for Android. Arrow offers less customization than traditional Android launchers as it brings three home screens to the phone.

Arrow is an invite-only effort but the APK is available online for risk takers.

Source: ZDNet

Samsung's profits tumble, blames Apple, China

The South Korean firm has reported an eight percent YOY drop in profits, and blames the competitive smartphone business. Samsung is hit hard by Apple in the high-end phone sector and Chinese firms in the low price category.

Source: ZDNet

Chinese court forces Samsung to allow users to uninstall preloaded apps

Just about every smartphone comes with apps preloaded by the OEM that can't be removed from the handset. Authorities in China aren't happy about that and have taken Samsung to court.

While no final ruling has been reached, Samsung has agreed to allow users in China to uninstall any of its preloaded apps they wish.

Source: Android Authority

New malware threat hits Android Jelly Bean and up

Trend Micro discovered a new serious malware threat that puts half of Android phones at risk. The hack seizes control of the phone and makes it unresponsive. It can rerun when the phone is booted, effectively making it a dead phone.

Source: Apple Insider