Top Android news of the week: More malware, Pepsi P1, LG gets Marshmallow

This week in Android came word of a Pepsi phone, that the vast majority of devices owners are vulnerable to attacks, and LG is soon releasing Marshmallow.

Quench your thirst for data with the Pepsi P1 smartphone

Pepsico is planning a line of smartphones and accessories in China, starting with the Pepsi P1. The effort is intended to expand the company's marketing efforts that includes other third party merchandise.

Not much is known about the Pepsi P1, but it is expected to be a middle-of-the-road handset and not a high-end model.

Source: Reuters

Fragmentation leaves 87 percent of all Android devices vulnerable to malware attacks

There are quite a few Android versions in use due to fragmentation. Device owners are often stuck running whatever version their carrier is suppporting, resulting in few running the latest and greatest version of the OS.


When folks complain about not having the latest version of Android they are usually thinking of the bells and whistles that they are missing. Security experts found that this isn't the biggest problem. Fragmentation of the Android OS means that 87 percent of device owners are lacking the latest security updates, and this leaves them vulnerable to known security flaws.

Source: Engadget

New malware can root your Android device

Android enthusiasts like the ability to root devices, granting owners the ability and rights to do pretty much anything they want to their gadget. Rooting a device can be dangerous to those not careful, and it turns out for those infected with the Kemoge exploit.

Kemoge has the ability to root vulnerable devices, giving the hackers behind it full access to every aspect of infected systems. The malware is distributed through third-party app stores so be safe and only download apps from the Google Play Store.

Source: Redmond Pie

LG G4 first non-Google phone to get a taste of Marshmallow

Android 6.0, aka Marshmallow, is starting to roll out to third-party phones, the first being the LG G4. LG expects to start rolling out Marshmallow as soon as next week in Poland, with other regions following closely behind.

This is very quick as Google only released Marshmallow for its own Nexus devices two weeks ago.

Source: ZDNet