Top Android news of the week: New malware hits Android, Apple lawsuit tossed, ASUS ad blocking

This week in Android came news of new malware that targets Android, you can no longer yell at Cortana, and ASUS will default ad blocking.


No more Hey Cortana in Android

Just a short while after bringing Cortana to Android, the ability to invoke it by saying "hey Cortana" has been removed. Microsoft reportedly removed this key feature as it conflicted with the "OK Google" activation.

Source: Liliputing


Ad blocking to be default in ASUS' browser

ASUS is making its stance on blocking ads clear as it will make the practice the default in its Android browser. The company has a new partnership with AdBlock Plus that may have something to do with it, too.

Ad blocking will use AdBlock Plus technology.

Source: Android Central

Lawsuit over Apple blocking iMessages in Android tossed

The long-standing lawsuit charging Apple with blocking Android from working with iMessage has been thrown out of court. Having previously denied the suit class action status, the presiding judge tossed the suit entirely as no indication could be proven that this Apple bug was intentional.

Source: AH


New banking malware targets Android

Security researchers have discovered a new Trojan that targets Android devices. Dubbed SlemBunk the malware poses as a Flash Player or WhatsApp update to infect Android systems.

Damage is done as the Trojan poses as 33 legitimate apps of financial institutions.

Source: Help Net Security