Top Android news of the week: New trojan, DIY repair site, and Windows app does Android

This week in the world of Android saw news of a new site for those who want to fix their own gadgets, an easy way to run Android apps under Windows, and an Android trojan is out that works even when you think you're device is shut down.

iFixit goes full-bore with Android Repair Hub

Chances are you've seen one of iFixit's breakdown articles for some device or another. These folks are experts at tearing open even the smallest gadgets and determining how easy they would be to repair when something goes wrong.

They've announced they are taking this expertise to the next level, with user forums sharing information to help owners repair their own gadgets. The Android Repair Hub is going strong, as they already have repair guides for 250 Android devices.

Source: Android Community

Malware discovered that works when device is off

Security experts at AVG have discovered a vicious Android malware exploit that quietly takes over devices when installed. It is particularly insidious as it makes the device owner believe they have they have shut down their device, but in reality it keeps running although the gadget appears to be off.

The malware can make calls, send texts, and take photos while the owner believes the device is shut down.

Source: Net Security

Run Android apps on Windows PCs

Not sure why you'd want to but those wishing to run Android apps on a Windows system can easily do so with AmiDuOS. This $10 Windows app runs Android (KitKat) that can run Android apps.

The app is easy to install, and in minutes you can be running your favorite Android apps. It supports the Amazon app store and the company has instructions for installing the Google Play store.

Source: Computerworld

Rumor: Next Samsung tablet to be thinner than iPad Air 2

Samsung has a big event early next month where it's expected to unveil new tablets and the Galaxy S6. A rumor based on information from insiders says one of the products to be launched is the Galaxy Tab S2.

What's interesting is that the insiders claim the new Samsung tablets will be thinner than the iPad Air 2. Samsung will supposedly offer the Tab S2 in both 8-inch and 9.7-inch versions.

Source: Sammobile