Top Android news of the week: Turing delay, SwiftKey Symbols, Android gets 3D Touch

This week in the world of Android we saw the first phone with 3D Touch capability, SwiftKey released app for verbally challenged users, and heard the Turing phone is delayed.


Secure Turing phone shipping date slips to next year

Those hoping to get the super-secure Turing phone for the holidays be aware that's not going to happen. Robotic Industries says the phone will ship in the first quarter of 2016.

The Turing is supposed to offer the highest level of security throughout the phone to keep data safe.

Source: Engadget

Google Photos now shares albums

Just in time to share those holiday photos, Google has rolled out shared albums. This will make it easier to create holiday photo collections to share with the family.

When a link to an album is shared, recipients can add their own photos to the collection.

Source: ZDNet


SwiftKey Symbols: Assistive app for nonverbal communication

The SwiftKey folks have rolled out an app that allows nonverbal users to communicate with symbols. SwiftKey Symbols allows building sentences by tapping images for the intended words.

This technology has been used for years for autistic patients and others who can't verbalize their thoughts.

Source: SwiftKey


Huawei Mate S gets 3D Touch

The latest phone from Huawei uses a pressure sensitive screen similar to that on the latest iPhone from Apple. The company hasn't enabled much use for the '3D Touch' capability but intends to offer functionality in the future.

Source: Mashable