Top iOS news of the week: Apple Pay in KFC, Skype, iPhone battery concerns

This week in iOS Skype was updated, Apple addressed battery concerns about the iPhone, and Apple Pay is coming to fast food.

Skype for iOS gets multitasking support

Microsoft released a new version of Skype for iOS that supports iOS 9. The support includes Split View, allowing running Skype alongside a second app on the latest iPads.

Skype conversations can now be started from the iOS lock screen and from Spotlight searches.

Source: Apple Insider

Apple responds to concerns over different iPhone chips being used

When word surfaced that Apple was using chips from two different sources in the latest iPhones concern was raised that they had different impact on battery life. Many were alarmed that their iPhone may get less battery life than phones using the other chip supplier.

Apple's response was that any difference in battery life would be negligible and that alarm is misplaced.

Source: Techradar

Apple Pay coming to Starbucks, KFC, and Chili's in the US

Apple's mobile payment service will be rolling out soon in three major chains in the US. Starbucks, KFC, and Chili's will be accepting Apple Pay next year. Starbucks has previously only accepted its own system for mobile payments, so this is a big win for Apple.

Source: Apple Insider

Fantastical 2 gets iOS 9 support

Top calendar app Fantastical 2 was updated with full iOS 9 support. This includes multitasking for the iPad and full Apple Watch functionality. The multitasking support allows using the app in Split View and SlideOver.

The iPhone version of the app now fully supports the Apple Watch, including a Complication for the watch face.

Source: ZDNet