Top iOS news of the week: Apple Pay kicked out, too late it's already big

Apple Pay continued to dominate the news this week with several major retailers turning off Apple Pay. Tim Cook says Apple Pay is already the leading NFC payments system.


Yes, your iPad can teach your child to read

If you're one of the parents hoping the iPad can help your young child get a head start with learning to read, a new study finds that is indeed the case. The study by NYU showed that four and five year olds using two iPad apps designed to teach them to read did jump-start their literacy.

The study also tested other areas of education and found this also improved the children's learning. The study is worth checking out for parents wanting to give their children a leg up in this competitive world.

Source: Fastcolabs

Major retailers turn Apple Pay off

Apple Pay thumbs down

Apple Pay just got turned on and it's already causing a stir. CVS and Rite Aid have turned off Apple Pay support. The move is due to an agreement these retailers have with a rival product, CurrentC. Walmart joined the fray by stating it will use CurrentC and not Apple Pay.

The odd thing is that CurrentC doesn't exist yet and won't until next year. This mobile payment service will have the advantage over others by not charging retailers a percentage of each sale.

Source: Reuters

Apple Pay the top NFC system in just a week

Apple Pay thumbs up

Some retailers may be refusing to accept Apple Pay, but according to information shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook it may not matter. After only a week, Apple already has a million activations of Apple Pay. Cook says that makes Apple Pay the leader in NFC payment systems.

That's signficant for Apple Pay in just a week. Competing mobile payment systems, including Android-based Google Wallet, have been around for years. To knock them all off the top spot in a week is impressive no matter what you think of Apple's offering.

OneNote iOS

Source: Wall Street Journal

New OneNote for iOS improves cloud features

Microsoft's support for iOS is impressive, and the update for OneNote this week continues the practice. OneNote has been improved to handle any cloud storage configured in iOS.

OneNote also now has iOS file and print-out insertion and password management. On the iPhone users can move and rearrange note pages.

Source: Winsupersite

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