Top iOS news of the week: Apple to pay Ericsson royalty, Lightning cable gets better, Apple asks for more damages

This holiday week in the world of iOS we saw an old accessory get new again, Apple asks for millions of additional damages from Samsung, and Ericsson to get royalty for iPad/ iPhone sales.


Lightning to USB Camera Adapter supports iPhone

The cable that allows connecting DSLR cameras to the iPad now works with the iPhone. This is a result of the iOS 9.2 update so works with iPhone 5 and later handsets.

This cable has long been a favorite of iPad owners working with cameras.

Source: Apple World Today


Apple to pay Ericsson percentage of iOS devices revenue

Ericsson has settled its patent dispute with Apple and will receive a royalty on all iPads and iPhones sold. The royalty is 0.5 percent and will add up to quite a sum over time.

The patent Apple supposedly infringed upon has to do with 2G, 3G, and 4G-LTE technology.

Source: iLounge


Apple wants more money from Samsung damages

Apple recently received $578 million from the Samsung patent infringement settlement but it's apparently not enough. The company in Cupertino is now asking the court for another $179 million to sweeten the deal.

According to Apple the additional damages pertain to continued infringement of the company's patents after the original jury verdict.

Source: AppleInsider