Top iOS news of the week: effective iPhone lockout, IBM app rollout, best apps

This week in iOS saw reports of effective Activation Locks, IBM released the first iOS apps for the enterprise from the alliance with Apple, and Apple named its picks for best apps.

Report: Activation Lock cutting down on iPhone thefts

A report has surfaced that shows iPhone thefts down due to the relatively new feature that restricts the ability to activate phones. Activation Lock requires the same Apple user ID used to originally activate the new phone to initialize phones that have been previously wiped.

This simple method of reactivating phones makes stolen phones worthless, as thieves don't have the Apple ID to give buyers of stolen phones.

Source: ZDNet

Apple: Best apps in the App Store

Apple has released the list of the best apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Macs. The list has some fine apps that are worth checking out.

The "best of" list has Elevate for the iPhone and Pixelmator for the iPad, both oustanding apps.

Source: App Advice

MSN apps for Android, iOS


This week Microsoft released the MSN apps for Android and iOS. The apps previously only available on Microsoft's own platforms are consumer apps accessing weather, news, and lifestyle information.

The apps are available from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and from Amazon.

The iOS version of the Health and Fitness app can sync information with Apple HealthKit.

Source: ZDNet

First enterprise apps from IBM/Apple alliance released


Apple CEO Tim Cook surprised folks with the announcement that Apple entered an alliance with IBM to bring the former's products to the enterprise. IBM would be producing apps, including those for vertical enterprise markets, to help Apple sell its products to the corporate world.

This week the first apps were unveiled that would be pitched to the enterprise. The two companies are aiming big with apps aimed at banking, retail, insurance, financial services, and telecommunications for governments and airlines.

Source: ZDNet