Top iOS news of the week: iOS 8.1, Bose tiff, Apple Pay

The iOS news was all over the map this week with the release of 8.1, a tussle between Apple and Bose, and the rollout of Apple Pay.


iOS 8.1 rolls out

Apple pushed the latest update to iOS this week that added new features and addressed the myriad of problems caused by the original 8.0 update. Version 8.1 fully enabled the ability of iOS devices to interoperate with one another and with Yosemite Macs.

Apple Pay, the mobile payment service using NFC technology, also went live along with the iOS 8.1 update.

Source: ZDNet

Apple Pay turned on

Apple Pay watch

The mobile payment system from Apple was turned on with iOS 8.1. The service lets iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (currently the only supported devices) owners pay for goods and services by tapping one of these NFC-equipped phones at the checkout terminal.

The launch wasn't without issues for some Bank of America customers. Once Apple Pay went live, some Bank of America customers realized they were charged twice for their Big Mac purchases. The bank acknowledged the error and quickly issued refunds.

While kidding with the Big Mac reference, a rash of online accounts of using Apple Pay quickly appeared, most of which showed purchases in McDonald's. The fast food chain went live with Apple Pay at the opening bell and is apparently the closest vendor to most reporting on how it went.

Source: ZDNet

Apple kicks Bose out of its stores

No Bose

Shortly after Apple aquired Beats, audio firm Bose sued Beats for patent violation. The aquisition dragged Apple into the tussle, perhaps that's why Bose filed the suit.

This suit, combined with an exclusive deal Bose signed with the NFL, has led to Apple pulling all Bose products from Apple stores, both online and brick and mortar. Apple has long sold Bose products in its stores but has decided enough is enough.

Source: 9to5mac

iPad Air 2 has a triple-core processor


While the iPad Air 2 seems to be an incremental upgrade over the original model, the discovery that the A8x processor has three cores changes things. Previous Apple products, and the new iPhones, use a dual-core processor.

Having the boosted processor means the iPad Air 2 can outperform, and sometimes by a wide margin, devices with the older dual-core models. This may not be enough to get iPad Air owners to upgrade, but it's a consideration for those with heavy computing needs.

Source: Extremetech