Top iOS news of the week: iPad sales down, iOS 8 adoption, iOS tops Android

This week in iOS had reports of tablet sales dropping, iOS 8 adoption is up, and iOS has edged past Android for the top spot in the US.

iOS tops Android in the US

CNET reports that iOS edged past Android for the top spot in the US for the first time since 2012. It was only by a fraction of a percentage, but significant nonetheless.

The push by iOS was fueled by the high sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the holiday season. Apple reported a whopping 74.5 million iPhones were sold in the last quarter.

Source: CNET

iPad sales down

Tablet sales are down, and that includes the iPad. The iPad sales numbers show a 17.8 percent decline year-over-year, the first such drop in the history of Apple's tablet.

The only bright spot in these reduced numbers is that top rival Samsung dropped 18.4 percent. This is significant as Samsung has an entire line of tablets, compared to Apple's small iPad line.

Source: MacRumors

iOS 8 adoption at 72 percent

Problems with iOS 8 caused device owners to not update as quickly as with other versions of iOS in the past. Apple has addressed most of those issues and now 72 percent of iOS-based devices are running the latest and greatest.

This compares favorably to Android, which has less than 40 percent running the versions before last, KitKat. The latest version of Android, Lollipop, is only on 1.6 percent of devices.

Source: Appleinsider

CNET: Apple should look to Windows 10 for improvement

The Windows 10 Preview has been out for a while and is taking shape nicely. CNET believes Microsoft has put some features in the next version of Windows that Apple would do well to implement.

Chief among them is Window 10's cross device operation. While Apple has done a good job with making its own devices work together, it's pretty much restricted to its own apps. Windows opens integration up with universal apps to expand cross device functionality.

Source: CNET