Top iOS news of the week: iPhone 6 ships, iOS 8 arrives, top iPhones get iWork

This week in iOS saw the iPhone 6 shipping, iOS 8 becoming available, and word that Apple's iWork office suite apps would come preloaded on new iPhones with large storage capacity.


iPhone 6 arrives

The iPhone 6 was only recently announced and this week became available for those who pre-ordered them. Buyers hit Apple and other retailers Friday to pick up the iPhone(s) they ordered at launch.

As expected, the larger iPhone 6 Plus was in short supply but the iPhone 6 was readily available in most locations.

iOS 8 released

ios 8 logo

Two days before the iPhone 6 became available, iOS 8 was released for download. It is no surprise that Apple's servers were slammed, and some reported long download times as a result.

The release was immediately followed by app updates to support iOS 8. It was impressive to see how fast updates appeared on a near continual basis after iOS 8 became available.

Apple preinstalls iWork and iLife on iPhone 6

To give it a leg up over office suites from competitors (Microsoft Office, anyone?), Apple is preinstalling the iWork suite on iPhone 6 with at least 64GB of storage.

The iWork suite includes Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. These are big apps and preinstalling them saves the new iPhone owner a lot of time.

Apple is also installing the iLife suite on these iPhones, which includes iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand.

Source: ZDNet

Android owners switching to iPhone 6 get help from Apple


Apple is expecting some Android owners to switch to the iPhone 6 and has published tips for moving content over to the new phone.

The tips cover moving email, calendars, contacts, books, music, photos, and documents from Android devices to the iPhone 6.

Source: BGR

Patent shows dynamic notification alerts based on location and environment

A new patent published by Apple uses the owner's immediate environment to determine the best way to send notifications to iPhone and Apple Watch. The patent describes using sensors to determine how noisy it is around the user and altering the alert method accordingly.

If the sensor determines it is loud, it will raise the volume of the notification. Too loud and it will vibrate (think Apple Watch) to make sure the alert is not missed.

Source: Cult of Mac

SwiftKey for iOS 8 hits a million downloads in less than 24 hours


The top Android keyboard app SwiftKey went live with iOS 8 and has proven its popularity with a massive number of downloads the first day.

SwiftKey for iOS rapidly rose to the #1 position in the App Store, and the company states it has been downloaded over a million times the first day. Apple allows third-party keyboard apps in iOS 8 for the first time and device owners are snapping them up.

Source: MacRumors