Top iOS news of the week: iPhone market share dropping, Apple Watch, iOS 8.3

Android this week had the release of the Apple Watch and iOS 8.3, iPhone share dropping globally save for China, and a new case from Mophie that adds battery and storage.

iPhone market share dropping except in China

Forbes reports that the iPhone global market share is declining, except in China. The numbers were down across the board in countries with large markets, with the exception of China that is showing sustained growth. Market share is down for two months in a row in the US, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

China is becoming a major source of revenue for Apple.

Source: Forbes

Apple releases iOS 8.3

The latest update to iOS, version 8.3, is out and contains quite a few fixes. There are also many updates in the new version aimed at improving performance.

There is a fix for Wi-Fi issues that have plagued some device owners for some time, along with solutions for audio dropouts over Bluetooth.

Source: Apple

Mophie Space Pack adds storage, doubles battery life of iPhone and iPad mini

Mophie, long-time maker of cases for the iPhone with integrated battery packs, has introduced the Space Pack. This case plugs into the Lightning port to add up to 128GB of additional storage. Like the Juice Pack, the new cases have an integrated battery to help the iPad mini and iPhone last up to twice as long.

The Space Pack is priced from $150 - $300 depending on storage capacity, and from $200 - $400 for the iPad mini.

Source: The Verge

Apple Watch goes on sale

The much ballyhooed Apple Watch went live for preorders this week. Existing supplies quickly sold out, but it's not clear if this was due to limited inventory or brisk sales.

The Watch will not get in buyers' hands before April 24, with many models already with delayed deliveries until the summer. The expensive gold edition is showing shipments occurring a week after other models.

Source: CNET