Top iOS news of the week: iPhone trade in, hack fix, Apple Watch in stores

This week in iOS Apple confirmed the watch will be available in stores soon, the company provided a fix for the Messages hack, and old iPhones are now worth more to trade in.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple provides temporary fix for messaging hack

A nasty hack was recently discovered that let a malicious text crash the Messages app and in some cases reboot the phone. It worked by sending a specific message in Arabic to any iPhone.

Apple jumped on it quickly and has provided a temporary fix until the company can eradicate it permanently.

Source: TNW

Apple increases trade-in value for old iPhones

Apple has been giving owners who trade in old iPhones for new ones a small credit. The company has recently raised this amount, which can only be obtained in Apple Stores.

The raise in trade-in value pertains to the iPhone 4s, 5, and 5s. Trading in these models for iPhone 6 is now worth $15 to $20 more per transaction.

Source: 9to5mac

Apple Watch to hit stores in two weeks

The Apple Watch has only been available for purchase online but that's soon to change. The company has confirmed that the watch will be available for purchase in Apple Stores in two weeks.

Apple also stated it should clean out the backlog in the same timeframe for those who ordered in May.

Source: ZDNet

Apple Watch driving iOS 8.2 adoption

ZDNet reports that adoption of iOS 8.2 has risen since the availability of the Apple watch. The thought is that new watch owners are anxious to get the most out of the new device, and are updating iOS on the iPhone to do so.

Another possible explanation for the higher iOS 8.2 usage is that Apple Watch buyers are also getting new iPhones to use with the watch.

Source: ZDNet


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