Top iOS news of the week: Mario coming to iPhone, iOS 8 growing, trade Android for iPhone

In the world of iOS this week was news about the growing rate of iOS 8 adoption, a trade-in program for Android and BlackBerry phones is coming from Apple, and Nintendo is coming to the iPhone.

Users reporting web sites redirecting users to the App Store

Reports are appearing online of certain web sites redirecting devices to the App Store. Examples have been shown that sends users to the App Store presenting suspect apps as soon as they open some web sites.

Apple added code to iOS 8 to prevent hackers from doing this so it appears that some have found a way around that.

Source: 9to5mac

Trade in your Android phone for an iPhone

Apple is reportedly launching a program for Android phone owners in the UK to trade them in for an iPhone. The reports don't have details about how much the phones will get toward the purchase of an iPhone.

The alleged program is not limited to Android phones, as BlackBerry phones are reported to get cash back.

Source: ZDNet

Nintendo games coming to iPhone

Game maker Nintendo is going to release games for the iPhone. The plan for Nintendo is to have its games run cross-platform, from gaming platforms to phones.

Nostalgic gamers will be happy to hear that the cross-platform games will include franchises like Mario Brothers.

Source: 9to5mac

iOS 8 on 77 percent of devices

After a slower than usual adoption pace, iOS 8 is now on 77 percent of devices. This is a five percent bump since last month.

This version of iOS had a slow adoption rate when first released due in part to problems experienced by early adopters. Unusually for Apple, fixes for various problems took a couple of minor updates to appear.

These figures are the most recent provided by Apple, based on device registered with the App Store.

Source: Appleinsider