Top iOS news of the week: No free Office iPad Pro, iPhones, iOS 9 updated

This week in iOS the top news was all about new iPhones and iOS 9. There was also a reminder that iPad Pro buyers will need a subscription for MS Office.

New iPhones hit the stores

As promised by Apple, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were available for purchase in Apple Stores this week. This follows on the heels of news from Apple that the adoption rate for iOS 9 is growing at a rapid pace.

Source: Apple World Today

iOS 9 update released


It didn't take long for Apple to issue a maintenance update for iOS 9. The update is 9.0,1 and fixes several issues in the original iOS 9 release. The major fix allows those who couldn't complete the original OS update to get the update.

Source: ZDNet

iOS 9 adoption rate hits 50 percent in a few days

Apple is claiming that the adoption rate for iOS 9 is on pace to be downloaded by more users than any software in Apple's history. While only being available for a few days, half of all iPhones and iPads are already running it.

Source: ZDNet

No free Microsoft Office use for iPad Pro owners

Full Office use requires an Office365 subscription, but tablet owners can use many features for free. That doesn't apply to devices with larger displays, and the iPad Pro fits in that category given the 12.9-inch display.

Those who plan on buying the large iPad when it's available later this year should be aware that an Office subscription will be required.

Source: ZDNet