Top iOS news of the week: No merge for OS X and iOS, Apple Ring, Tweetbot 4

This week in iOS we saw concerns over the feature in iOS 9 -- Wi-Fi Assist, saw an "Apple Ring" imagined by Apple, and heard that iOS and OS X will never be merged.

Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 is eating my data cap; No it's not

A new feature in iOS 9 will sense when a Wi-Fi network is weak and automatically switch over to a 4G data connection when appropriate. A flap over this feature erupted this week as some claimed this default behavior was eating up their monthly data allotment.

This was quickly debunked by those in the know who find Wi-Fi Assist to be a great thing.

Source: Gizmodo

Source: The Guardian

Apple will not merge OS X and iOS

There has been speculation in the past that Apple is moving to merge iOS and OS X, as each has been given some functionality of the other. CEO Tim Cook this week put that idea to bed and stated that Apple will not merge the two OSes.

He went on to share that merging the two would subtract from both of the OSes.

Source: Engadget

Tweetbot 4 released for iOS 9

What was once the best Twitter client on iOS had grown long in the tooth and others passed it by. That changes now with the release of Tweetbot 4, a universal app for iPhone and iPad. The new version has a score of new features, many designed to take advantage of landscape operation.

The new Tweetbot takes full advanatage of the new multitasking features in iOS 9.

Source: Apple World Today

Apple applies for patent for a ring

A patent application by Apple was uncovered that describes in detail a ring for the finger that is a full computing system. The device as described is basically an Apple Watch crammed into a large ring.

The ring would have a collection of sensors inside and give haptic feedback similar to the watch.

Source: Appleinsider