Top iOS news of the week: Office for iPhone, Apple top in China, Apple Watch to be big bucks

Microsoft sets Office free and adds utility on the iPhone, Apple beats Samsung in China, and the Apple Watch is rumored to be quite expensive.


Office for iPhone gets much better

Microsoft released new versions of the three Office apps for the iPhone. The new versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint allow creating and editing documents on the iPhone.

The iPhone versions don’t fully rival those existing on the iPad, but provide a lot of utility for those needing to knock something off with just the iPhone handy.

Source: ZDNet

Apple takes top mobile spot in China

Apple China
Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

CNET reports that Samsung has lost its number one spot in China to Apple. The poll conducted in China tags falling customer loyalty and brand awareness for Samsung’s drop in the large Chinese market.

The report is ranking company products in the mobile sector.

Source: CNET

Apple Watch could cost thousands for top models

There is never a shortage of rumors about future Apple products, and one popped up this week about the upcoming Apple Watch. This one involves the pricing of the various watch models from Apple.

According to the rumor, the Apple Watch pricing (non-sport models) will start at the princely sum of $500, which if true may impact sales. That price is high enough, but models made with genuine gold are thought to run as much as $5,000.

Source: Neowin

01 iPhone 6 Plus front

No iPhone 6 Plus recall

Reports cropped up that some iPhone 6 Plus owners were complaining about a problem in support forums that might force a recall. Turns out those reporting problems were only a very small number of iPhone 6 Plus owners so a recall isn’t likely.

The problem affects the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, and only those who’ve installed 500 - 1,000 apps. That massive number of apps on a phone further limits the number of owners that are affected by whatever is causing the crashes and reboots.

I’ve experienced no issues with my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus with far fewer apps installed than those having problems.

Source: 9to5mac