Top iOS news of the week: Popular Apple Watch, low memory installs, iOS 9 beta 2

This week in iOS had news of iOS 9 installs to be better with low memory, a patent was granted for iPhones to work better with hearing aids, and claims that Apple Watch is more popular than the original iPhone.

Apple gets innovative with installing iOS 9 on low memory devices

When iOS 8 was released those with 16GB iPhones and iPads were upset as they didn't have enough free memory to install the big update. Those who wanted the update had to delete big apps and files, install iOS 8, then restore the files.

Apple has made owners of such devices happy with the announcement that iOS 9 will do that for them. The installation process will remove apps if memory is needed, and then automatically reload them after the update to iOS 9.

Source: ZDNet

Apple granted patent for better iPhone use with hearing aids

The iPhone has long had good accessibility features, and that could get even better for hearing aid users in the future. Apple was granted a patent that allows a moble device, think iPhone, that can use hardware sensors to detect proximity to a hearing aid and then adjust the phone volume automatically.

Say a hearing aid wearer gets a call. Picking up the iPhone and moving it toward the ear would raise the volume during the call, and then lower it back down when the phone is moved away from the ear.

Source: Cult of Mac

Beta 2 of iOS 9, El Capitan, and watchOS released

Developers testing the upcoming versions of Apple's OSes got the next version this week. Beta 2 of the three OSes -- iOS 9, OS X, and watchOS -- is now available for those intrepid testers.

Source: Neowin

Apple Watch more popular than original iPhone

Researchers have determined that demand for the Apple Watch is greater than that of the original iPhone a few weeks after launch. While this could indicate a stronger reception, odds are the lack of apps after the original iPhone launch has something to do with it.

Source: Cult of Mac