Top iOS news of the week: Possible SEC trouble, Apple event, iPhone as wireless thumb drive

This week in iOS the Apple event was confirmed, we heard that Tim Cook may have risked the ire of the SEC, and that an iPad Pro may help the PC hybrid segment.

Apple event set for September 9, will stream to Windows 10

The big event where the next iPhone will be unveiled has been set for September 9. Rumors imply we'll see the iPhone 6s for the first time, and perhaps a big, new iPad.

In a surprise move, Apple will stream the event live for Windows 10 users in the Edge browser. It's been quite a long time since Apple has included the competition in the live stream. Kind of lends credence to showing off a new iPad aimed at competing with Microsoft's Surface tablets.

Source: ZDNet

Tim Cook could face SEC scrutiny for statement to journalist

When the stock market plunged this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook emailed a journalist at CNBC a statement about Apple's good performance in China. This was apparently an attempt to allay fears that Apple would be affected by China's financial woes.

Market watchers immediately jumped in with claims that this could violate SEC rules. It's doubtful anything will happen as a result but it demonstrates how careful CEOs must be in what the say and to whom.

Source: AppleInsider

IDC believes iPad Pro would stimulate 2-in-1 PC segment

Research firm IDC believes as do many that Apple will produce a large iPad. The "iPad Pro" is thought to be in the 12 - 13 inch size range, aimed at the enterprise.

The analysts feel that such an iPad, especially with a keyboard accessory, could stimulate the PC 2-in-1 market segment.

Source: Mobile Tech Experts

Portal app comes to iOS, turns iPhone into a thumb drive for file work

Already on Android, the Portal app has been released for iOS. The app lets you move large files between a computer and smartphone over Wi-Fi. This essentially turns the iPhone into a wireless thumb drive, at least temporarily.

Files as large as 1GB have been tested by the developer, who reports it works fine.

Source: TechCrunch