Top iOS news of the week: Serious iPad Pro bug, big holiday sales expected, no merging OS X and iOS

This week in iOS news Tim Cook put the kibosh on merging Apple's two OSes, we heard predictions of big holiday sales for Apple Watch and iPad Pro, and a serious bug is being reported with the iPad Pro.

Tim Cook: No merging of OS X and iOS

Pundits are often speculating that Apple is on the verge of merging its two OSes into one. The argument is usually presented that it makes sense to have only one platform for the long term. It's also stated that Apple has been bringing mobile functionality to OS X for a while.

In spite of the arguments for a merge, Apple has no intention of doing so. Tim Cook recently stated that there will be no merge in the future.

Source: The Verge

Apple Watch ready for holiday season

Consumer goods typically do well in the holiday season, and that looks to be the case for the Apple Watch. Analysts are predicting a healthy holiday season for wearables, and the Apple Watch especially.

The report states that buyers of wearables are more interested in the user experience over style, and Apple's wearable delivers.

Source: Apple World Today

iPad Pro charging issue reported

Reports are appearing in Apple forums of a charging issue with the new iPad Pro. Some owners find that their tablet dies when the device is fully charged and plugged in. The device can only be recovered with a hard reset in these instances.

Source: ZDNet

iPad Pro forecast to sell 2.6M units in Q4

Analysts are predicting that Q4 will be a good one for the iPad Pro. They are forecasting Apple will sell 2.5 million iPad Pros in the final quarter of the year. This surge in sales would be in spite of reported display production issues.

Source: AppleInsider