Top iOS news of the week: Slow iOS 8 adoption, new hardware, iPad Air 2 leaked

The rollout of iOS 8 has been a rocky one, and user adoption is slow. Details that seem to be believable have surfaced about the iPad Air 2, which should be unveiled next week.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Slow adoption rate for iOS 8

Apple has a good record for users adopting new versions of iOS, but it’s been slow for iOS 8. Only 47 percent of devices are now running the latest version of iOS, just one percent more than in the previous month.

Many are blaming the buggy nature of iOS that bricked iPhones, which may be a contributing factor. It may also have to do with the free space requirements for upgrading to iOS 8, a whopping 5GB. Many older iPhones don’t have that much free space and can’t be upgraded without action by the user.

Source: New York Times

Apple iPad event next week

Invites went out for an event to be held Oct. 16 by Apple. It’s expected that the company will unveil new hardware, including a refresh of the iPad Air.

There may be new iMacs showing up, and Apple may push the button on the Apple Pay service.

We will probably also see the release of OS X Yosemite, the next big version of the OS for Macs.

Source: ZDNet

Details appear about the next iPad


Speculation always runs rampant about upcoming Apple hardware, and credible details have appeared on the web about the iPad Air 2. While it may be largely a hardware refresh, it is expected to give the iPad a Touch ID sensor like the iPhone.

The internals of the next iPad are rumored to include a processor upgrade to bring it to the level of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. New display technology will make the next iPad even thinner than the current iPad Air if the reports turn out to be accurate.

NFC is expected to be added to the next iPad to support Apple Pay.

Source: Cult of Mac

Google releases local news and weather app for iOS

Google News and Local iOS

The search giant has gone local with the release of the Google News and Weather app for iOS. Previously only available on Android, the iOS app presents headlines and local news, along with local weather information.

According to Google the app pulls news from a staggering 65,000 publications to present a personalized set of news for each user.

Source: Google/ iTunes

Gmail for iOS updated for new iPhones

Gmail is used by millions, and no doubt by many new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners. Those who use Google’s Gmail app take note that an update was released that optimizes it for the new iPhones.

The app now properly handles the larger screens and higher resolution of the new iPhones.

Source: Google/ iTunes

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