Top iOS news of the week: Text hack, Cortana, Apple Watch SDK

In iOS news this week we were told to expect Cortana, that iOS makes billions for Google, and that a hack can easily crash iPhones.

Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS, Android

The folks in Redmond continue the push to get their products on major mobile platforms, software that will now include Cortana. This is Microsoft's version of Siri that is operated by voice and provides information and does things for the user.

Cortana shares similarities with Apple's Siri and it will be interesting to have them both to compare on the iPhone.

Source: ZDNet

Hack that crashes iPhones found

Malware that can kill iPhones with a single text message has been reported. Hackers can send a particular message in Arabic that will crash the Messages app upon receipt.

The message will reboot an iPhone if it appears on the lock screen. Apple is working on a fix.

Source: TNW

Apple to release SDK for Apple Watch

The folks in Cupertino will reportedly release an SDK for the Apple Watch at the upcoming WWDC. The SDK will enable developers to write native apps for the watch.

The dev tools will allow apps to be written that directly access the sensors in the Apple Watch. Most apps for the watch are currently being ported from their iOS versions. This SDK will allow writing native apps for the watch from scratch.

Source: Ars Tecnica

Apple drives 75 percent of Google's mobile ad revenue

Think Apple is a major competitor for Google? Think again, as latest figures show Apple drives a whopping percentage of Google's mobile ad revenue.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs reported that with the estimate of iOS generated revenue, Apple accounted for $9 billion of Google's mobile ad revenue. This puts Google in a precarious position with its major competitor in smartphones.

Source: Apple Insider