Top iOS news of the week: Tiny keyboard, Apple Watch leaks, iCloud TouchID

This week in iOS news we saw the unveiling of a teeny, tiny keyboard, Apple Watch details emerged, and a patent hints at iCloud-based TouchID.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple Watch app leaks info about the upcoming wearable

CNET reported that a preview of an app to work with Apple's upcoming Watch gives hints of how the wearable may work. Leaked screenshots show the app will allow control over the Apple Watch.

The leaks also point to voice control of the Apple Watch, and accessibility features such as having the watch speak what's on the screen.

Source: CNET

TextBlade: Teeny, tiny keyboard for iOS

I've used little keyboards with phones for a decade, but none approach the size of the little TextBlade. The size of a small ruler, TextBlade offers a full keyboard using just three pieces that connect magnetically.

The mechanical keys represent multiple characters, and there's a space bar that houses the battery. At first glance the little keyboard doesn't look very practical for touch typists, but judgement will be reserved for hands-on use.

Source: TUAW

Apple patent hints at iCloud-based TouchID

TouchID on the iPhone and iPad is a secure method for unlocking the devices. Owners set up each device by scanning one or more fingerprints. TouchID unlocks the device when a configured thumb or finger is placed on the TouchID sensor.

Each device has to be configured separately to get the fingerprints into TouchID. This could be a pain for those who own multiple TouchID-enabled gadgets.

Apple has applied for a patent for storing configured fingerprints in iCloud. This would allow setting it up once on a device and other iDevices would work without further configuration.

The patent application also addresses syncing TouchID across devices, which has point-of-sale implications. Cloud-based fingerprint data could let shoppers pay for goods with Apple Pay using their TouchID information on the merchant's terminal.

Source: Appleinsider

Chrome Remote Desktop now on iOS

Want to control a remote system from your iPhone or iPad? Google has released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS allowing you to do just that.

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS works like versions on other platforms. Run an app on the PC you wish to control and install the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. You can remotely control the PC by touch on the Apple device.

Source: ZDNet

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