Top tech firms scout for talent in Brazil

Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter are all recruiting staff for roles in major cities across the country.

Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter are all looking for fresh talent in Brazil in the southeast region of the country.

There are dozens of vacancies available, ranging from tech-specific roles and legal to marketing and communications roles. All roles require fluency in English, which could be a good opportunity for foreigners looking for work opportunities in Brazil.

Apple leads the pack with 23 jobs, mostly in retail, based in São Paulo and Jundiaí, a tech cluster based just outside São Paulo city. Facebook has 16 vacancies to be filled, all in São Paulo, in areas ranging from development to sales.

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Google, ranked the best technology employer in Brazil earlier this year, has 14 positions open in the communications, finance and legal departments, as well as internship opportunities for MBA graduates. The positions are for the São Paulo and Minas Gerais offices.

Twitter, another company placing its bets on the Brazilian market, is looking to fill roles in the areas of IT and communications. Nine positions are based in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. The company has focused on hiring core skills, with several staff joining the company since the launch of its first local office last year.

I wrote a few posts about the job opportunities in Brazil for international professionals from the IT field. If you are considering a change, perhaps my post " Is it safe for foreign techies to work in Brazil? " is a good place to start.

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