Top Technology Priorities in 2009

Top 10 Business PrioritiesRankingTop 10 Technology PrioritiesRankingBusiness process improvement1Business intelligence1Reducing enterprise costs2Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM and others)2Improving enterprise workforce effectiveness3Servers and storage technologies (virtualization)3Attracting and retaining new customers4Legacy application modernization4Increasing the use of information/analytics5Collaboration technologies5Creating new products or services (innovation)6Networking, voice and data communications6Targeting customers and markets more effectively7Technical infrastructure7Managing change initiatives8Security technologies8Expanding current customer [...]

Top 10 Business Priorities Ranking Top 10 Technology Priorities Ranking
Business process improvement 1 Business intelligence 1
Reducing enterprise costs 2 Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM and others) 2
Improving enterprise workforce effectiveness 3 Servers and storage technologies (virtualization) 3
Attracting and retaining new customers 4 Legacy application modernization 4
Increasing the use of information/analytics 5 Collaboration technologies 5
Creating new products or services (innovation) 6 Networking, voice and data communications 6
Targeting customers and markets more effectively 7 Technical infrastructure 7
Managing change initiatives 8 Security technologies 8
Expanding current customer relationships 9 Service-oriented applications and architecture 9
Expanding into new markets and geographies 10 Document management 10
Source: Gartner