Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Continuum Dock, bad Lumia sales, bug fixes

This week in Windows Mobile we heard how bad Lumia sales are, we saw an update that squashes lots of bugs, and got a look at the Microsoft Display Dock for Continuum.

Only 5.8 million Lumias sold last quarter

Windows 10 Mobile device sales have never been good but according to Microsoft they are really tanking. Microsoft"s latest financial figures show a measly 5.8 million Lumias were sold last quarter.

To be fair, Windows 10 Mobile is not out yet at which time two new flagship phones will launch.

Source: Windows Central

Windows Mobile preview build fixes lots of bugs

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 10581 that paves the way for the general release later this year. The update fixes lots of bugs, including a nasty one that prevented some from updating the OS, and others that affected battery life.

Source: Tech Radar

Microsoft Display Dock looks good

Microsoft is showing off the Display Dock that lets new Lumia phones take advantage of Continuum. The dock facilitates connecting peripherals to Lumia phone allowing them to function as PC stand-ins.

The Display Dock has a bevy of ports including USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C.

Source: Windows Club