Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Continuum in the box, carrier updates, phones in China

This week in Windows Mobile we heard that future updates would bypass carriers, then that they wouldn't, we saw new phones in Japan, and that Acer's phone would have Continuum in the box.

Windows 10 Mobile updates will go through carriers

Word surfaced recently that Microsoft was going to take control over Windows 10 Mobile updates. The move would remove the roadblock that sometimes occurs with carriers in the middle of the process. By totally controlling updates Microsoft could ensure that all device owners got them at the same time.

Unfortunately, this rumor was quickly debunked by Microsoft in a statement that updates would still go through carriers in the future.


Acer's first flagship Windows Mobile phone will ship with Continuum in the box

In a move to prove its Jade Primo phone is ready for Continuum, Acer will ship a full keyboard, mouse, and Continuum dock in the box with the phone. This will allow using the phone as a PC by connecting the phone to the included peripherals along with a desktop monitor.

Source: ZDNet

Windows 10 Mobile phones unveiled in China

Microsoft recently launched two Windows Mobile flagship phones in the US, and now OEMs in China are getting into the act. Several companies showed off upcoming Windows Mobile phones at a Microsoft event in Japan.

Most of the phones will likely only be available in China, but it's good to see companies lining up new products for the launch of Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: Neowin