Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Future Cortana powers, new Recovery Tool, 'no carrier' update pushed

This week in Windows Mobile we saw the first update without carrier involvement, heard of future Cortana powers, and saw a new Recovery Tool for the new Lumias.


Windows Recovery Tool updated for new Lumias

Microsoft released a new Windows Device Recovery Tool for the Lumia 550, 950, and 950 XL. The new tool contains "bug fixes and improvements" according to the company. It's not clear what other changes to the phones' firmware the update includes.

Source: Neowin


Microsoft pushes first updates without carrier involvement

Microsoft has previously stated it will update Windows Phones without carrier involvement, then retracted the statement later. This week Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets got an update from the company without carrier participation.

When asked if Microsoft will continue to update Windows Phones directly, the company stated it will leverage their testing but will decide when the updates go out.

Source: ZDNet


Cortana to float around Windows 10 in future versions

Microsoft has hinted that its digital assistant Cortana is going to get new powers in further OS versions. According to the company Cortana will be able to float around in Windows 10, even in apps, to offer its assistance performing tasks.

Source: Neowin