Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Lumia firmware update, good WM10 adoption, Continuum needs extra Office license

This week in Windows Mobile we saw good adoption rates for WM10, heard that Continuum will require an additional Office license, and the new Lumias got a new firmware.


Office subscription needed to use with Continuum

Those planning to work with Microsoft Office with Continuum, the Windows feature using a phone as a PC, should be aware they will need a separate license for this "additional" PC.

The additional Office 365 license is currently $60 per year and future Continuum users will need to budget the Office editing.

Source: Liliputing


8.8 percent of Windows handsets now run Windows 10 Mobile

Windows handset owners are anxious to get going with Windows 10 Mobile and 8.8 percent of them have done so. This adoption has been boosted by the launch of the new Lumias by Microsoft.

Source: Neowin


New firmware for Lumia 959, 950 XL

Bug fixes for the newest Lumia phones have been released in a firmware update. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL update reportedly deals with issues including stability and performance, improved SD memory card support, camera problems, and 4K video issues.

Source: Neowin

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