Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Major update pulled, older phone update delayed, HP returning to phones?

This week in Windows Mobile we saw a major update pulled, heard that older phones won't get updated to Windows 10 this year and saw hints that HP is returning to the phone business.


Microsoft pulls Windows 10 Mobile release

In what can only be called a big snafu, Microsoft pulled a release shortly after release due to installation problems. Build 10586.20 caused problems for some Lumia 950 and 950 XL users so the company moved quickly to pull it.

This is particularly embarrassing as it is the first update for Microsoft's own handsets.

Source: ZDNet


HP returning to handset business?

Eagle-eyed observers have noticed what appears to be evidence of traffic from an "HP Falcon" handset on the GFXBench website. HP pulled out of the phone business when it dumped webOS and a return to the market would be a big deal.

Source: Digital Trends

Windows Phone 8.1 users to get Windows 10 Mobile in 2016


Those owning older handsets running Windows Phone 8.1 won't get updates to Windows 10 Mobile until 2016. This word came from Microsoft officials wanting to make it clear the updates will not come this year.

Source: ZDNet