Top Windows Mobile news of the week: No more Lumias, News Pro, better Cortana reminders

This week in Windows Mobile came word of no more Lumias, that Cortana will get more helpful, and saw a new app from Microsoft much like one from Apple on iOS.


Cortana to offer reminders from email and calendars

Windows Mobile's assistant will soon be scanning email and calendars to proactively offer reminders to users. Cortana will offer the reminders when it sees language that depicts time frames indicating an event.

It's not clear if these reminders will only be derived from Outlook or if other apps will also be used.

Source: ZDNet


From Russia: no more Lumias to be built

Take it with a grain of salt but word is coming out of Russia that Microsoft will stop making phones with the Lumia brand and stop using ARM processors. The information indicates that Microsoft will only make Intel-based phones in the future and that they will lack Lumia branding.

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Source: Neowin


Microsoft News Pro competes with Apple News

The newly released news app from Microsoft looks to compete directly with Apple News. News Pro from Microsoft works much like the app from Apple, pulling news articles of interest based on configuration by users. The articles are presented in a magazine layout that looks similar to Apple's News app.

Source: The Verge