Top Windows Mobile news of the week: No patent infringement, Continuum phone, no new Skype

This week in Windows Mobile we saw a new phone unveiled for using Continuum, a new version of Skype for other platforms, and a ruling was reached that Nokia doesn't infringe some old patents.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Ruling: Microsoft doesn't infringe on old 3G patents

The folks in Redmond got a break as a ruling was given in a long-running patent case finding no infringement by Nokia's -- now Microsoft's -- phones. The claim was that Nokia phones had used 3G technology with patents held by patent troll InterDigital.

The ruling overturned one made earlier this year.

Source: PC World

Acer unveils Continuum phone for Windows 10 Mobile

Continuum is technology in Windows 10 that lets a Windows 10 Mobile phone turn into a desktop system when docked to peripherals. It makes use of Universal Apps in Windows 10 and technology that scales small phone screens up onto big monitors.

This week Acer launched its new Jade Primo smartphone that has Continuum baked inside. The phone ships with a dock that turns the phone into a desktop system when plugged in.

Source: Redmond Pie

Next Insider build for Windows 10 Mobile to include hotspot fix

Microsoft has tweeted that the next Windows 10 Mobile build should include mobile hotspot. This feature was missing in the current build, so it's good to get that back in there. No indication was given on the timing for the next build.

Source: Windows Central

New design for Skype coming for Windows Mobile

This week Microsoft released new versions of Skype for iOS and Android featuring a new design that looks to be pretty cool. The new Skype UI looks like the material design in Android, and makes the app easier to use.

A new version is on the way for Windows 10 Mobile, so be patient.

Source: ZDNet

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