Top Windows Mobile news of the week: TravelPass, dock updates, no WM10 builds right now

This week in Windows Mobile came word that Display Dock will get OTA updates, Verizon launched TravelPass, and there'll be no Windows 10 Mobile updates for a few days.

Verizon launches TravelPass for global travelers

Verizon has debuted the TravelPass service to allow smartphone use abroad with reasonable rates. The service costs $2/ day in Canada and $10/ day in more than 65 countries.

Customers get full use of their call and data plans for that fee.

Source: CNET

No Windows 10 Mobile build for a few days

Those anxiously waiting for the next Windows 10 Mobile build will have to wait a few more days according to Microsoft. Gabe Aul tweeted that the focus is currently on updating Windows 10 and that Mobile will be right behind that.

Source: WinBeta

Display Dock to get software updates

You know a hardware dock is sophisticated when it gets software updates and that's what we learned about Microsoft's Display Dock. This is the small dock designed to connect Windows Phones to peripherals, turning the phone into a near PC.

Updates will be sent to the dock via the Gadget app on the Lumia phone. The app will notify dock owners when an update is available.

Source: Windows Central