Top Windows Phone news of the week: Android phones get Windows, Microsoft is confident, which phones get new OS first

This week in Windows Phone we learned that some Chinese Android phone owners will be able to install Windows, that Microsoft is confident about the future of the platform, and which Lumia phones will get the new OS first.

Two things that have Microsoft confident about Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is feeling good about the prospects of Windows 10 Mobile due to two new features. Universal apps will attract developers to jump on the platform and fill up the store. Continuum will allow using a Windows Phone to work as a PC with all the peripherals to make it work.

Source: Information Week

Xiaomi Android phones to get Windows 10 Mobile

Those wanting to run Windows 10 Mobile on handsets without the Microsoft/ Nokia brand may be able to do so in China. Microsoft has stated that it is looking at letting owners of Xiaomi Android phones install Windows 10 Mobile.

This has been tested with a small number of users, but Microsoft looks to open it up in China and possibly let any Xiaomi phone owner flash it with Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: ZDNet

Lumia phones getting Windows 10 Mobile first

Microsoft has hinted in the past to roll out Windows 10 Mobile around November of this year. What it has stated for certain is which Lumia handsets will receive the update first. These include the Lumia 640 and 830, along with eight others.

As for when the Lumias will get the upgrade, slippery Microsoft said "when available".

Source: Windows Central