Top Windows Phone news of the week: Hyperlapse, Cortana, low-end phone woes

This week in Windows Phone we heard that Cortana comes to OneDrive, details of difficulties low-end phones will have with Windows 10 Mobile, and that Hyperlapse was released.

Top Windows Phone handsets for March by usage

In May the top two Windows Phone handsets by usage were the Lumia 520 with 21.6 percent, followed by the Lumia 630 with 10.2 percent.

As expected, almost the entire Windows Phone landscape is Nokia hardware, which is owned by Microsoft.


OneDrive gets update for Cortana

Microsoft updated OneDrive for Windows Phone to enable searching with Cortana. Windows Phone users can now search OneDrive files with voice commands to Cortana.

Source: CNET

Leak reveals Windows 10 Mobile difficulties on low-end handsets

A leaked internal document from Microsoft details the problems owners of low-end Windows Phone will have with Windows 10 Mobile. The company has stated that the next OS version will be available for all Windows Phones.

Many low-end phones only have 512MB of system RAM, and this will give Windows 10 Mobile some hiccups.

Source: WMPoweruser

Microsoft Hyperlapse comes to Windows Phone


Microsoft's Hyperlapse that creates time-lapse video by compressing regular video is now out for Windows Phone. The app takes advantage of the quality cameras in many Lumia Windows Phones.

Source: ZDNet