Top Windows Phone news of the week: Lenovo no WP, Cortana Droid, new premium phones

This week in Windows Phone world we heard Lenovo back off Windows Phone, that Cortana for Android may hurt WP, and more information about two future premium handsets was uncovered.

Cortana on Android: Slap for Windows Phone

Microsoft has released Cortana, its app that brings AI to aid Windows Phone users, to the Android world. Cortana is much like Apple's Siri technology that can perform a variety of tasks for the user. Releasing Cortana on Android has Forbes wondering if this might end up killing Windows Phone.

Source: Forbes

More info on Microsoft's upcoming premium phones


Mary Jo Foley sheds light on two upcoming Windows Phones, Cityman and Talkman. The two phones will reportedly have state-of-the-art hardware including good cameras, iris scanning technology, and wireless charging.

Source: ZDNet

Microsoft has confirmed the requirements for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is not too far off and Microsoft this week confirmed the hardware requirements to run it. The minimum requirements have been relaxed from Windows Phone 8.1, no doubt to allow low-end phones to run Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: Windows Central

Lenovo Windows Phone less likely

A Lenovo VP and GM stated that a Windows Phone from the company is much less necessary now. He was referring to Microsoft's backing off the phone business with layoffs and write-down of the Nokia purchase.

Source: Paul Thurrott