Top Windows Phone news of the week: WM10 8GB minimum, Insider ends soon, lots of Insiders

This week in Windows Phone we heard about the minimum memory requirement for Windows 10 Mobile, that quite a few have participated in the Insider Program, and that said program is coming to an end.
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Windows 10 Mobile has 8GB minimum requirement

A German Windows 10 Mobile site posted that the new OS has an 8GB minimum requirement to run. This fits with Microsoft's list of phones to get the upgrade as they all have at least this much storage.

This requirement means owners of Windows Phones with less than 8GB are out of luck.

Source: WinBeta

Windows Phone owners jumping on Windows 10 Mobile

Recent figures released about Windows phone show that 3.3 percent of them are running the preview versions of Windows 10 Mobile. That's not a high percentage but it's quite a lot for an unreleased OS.

The figure demonstrates how anxious Windows Phone owners are to get the next version of Microsoft's mobile OS.

Source: Neowin

Insider Preview for Mobile program ends Oct. 1

Microsoft's Insider Preview for Mobile program will end on October 1. This is the program that allows early adopters to test Windows 10 Mobile and provide critical feedback to the company.

Source: Microsoft

Go Windows 10 Mobile or Android on two new Archos phones

French company Archos has unveiled two nearly identical phones except for the OS. Buyers will be able to choose between Windows 10 Mobile and Android. The phones are budget-friendlly starting at just £99.

Source: ZDNet

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