Toshiba announces HG6 line of SSDs

The new solid-state drives will be among the first to use the company's latest 19nm MLC NAND flash memory.

Fresh off acquiring the solid-state-storage assets of OCZ Technology , Toshiba looks to continue its inroads into the SSD market with its new line of HG6 drives.

The lineup covers a range of form factors and capacities, making it useful for everything from workstations and servers to Ultrabooks. It's available in two heights as a 2.5-inch drive -- 9.5mm or 7mm -- as well as in the mSATA and M.2 form factors, the latter of which is even more ideal for ultra-thin laptops than mSATA drives. The single-sided M.2 version, for instance, is only 2.3mm thick.

The HG6 family is one of the first to use Toshiba's new A19nm Toggle 2.0 MLC NAND memory, which the company claims will aid performance and power efficiency. All HG6 drives will feature maximum sequential read speeds of 534MB/s and maximum sequential write speeds of 482MB/s, and the company claims a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 1,500,000 hours.

All of the HG6 drives come in 60GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities, except the single-sided M.2 model, which is limited to 60GB and 128GB versions. Other features include Toshiba's Quadruple Swing-By Code error-correction technology, which combats data corruption due to the wearing of NAND flash memory over time, and self-encryption that's compliant with Trusted Computing Group Opal 2.0 specs. 

No pricing info for the HG6 drives is available yet, but Toshiba is promising that they will be shipping sometime next month.