Toshiba laptops hit by memory problems

Twenty-seven different Toshiba laptop models contain flawed components that could cause data loss or the Blue Screen of Death
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor
Toshiba has warned of a serious problem affecting the memory modules in many of its laptop models.

In an announcement on Friday, the company said that flaw could cause a PC to lock up or crash via the Blue Screen of Death, or lead to undetected memory data corruption. Toshiba insisted, though, that the possibility of any of these events occurring is "extremely low".

It's not clear exactly which components are responsible for the problems, with Toshiba merely saying that they are supplied by third parties. Twenty-seven different laptop models are affected (full list below). Toshiba says the modules will not be used in any new units.

According to reports, up to 650,000 laptops containing the memory module in questions have been sold.

Toshiba has now begun a component exchange programme for anyone who owns one of the affected machines. This will run from 1 November, 2004, to 30 April, 2005.

Software can be downloaded from Toshiba's Web site that will examine whether a laptop contains the modules in question.

Click "target="_blank" class="c-regularLink" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">here to access this utility.

Customers who find their machine is affected will be supplied with a replacement component by Toshiba for free. There will also be no charge if a laptop has to be shipped to Toshiba for repair, the company has promised.

The Toshiba laptops affected:

TECRA S1; TECRA 9100; TECRA M1; TECRA M2; Satellite 2400; Satellite 2405; Satellite 1110; Satellite 1115; Satellite Pro M10; Satellite Pro M15; Satellite M30; Satellite M35; Portege R100; Portege M200; Portege M205; Dynabook T5; Dynabook E6; Dynabook V7; Dynabook Satellite M10; Dynabook SS S7; Dynabook SS 2100; Dynabook E7; Dynabook V8; Dynabook V9; Dynabook VX1; Dynabook SS M200.

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